New Christian Music Youtube

New Christian Music Youtube

Are you tired of the same old sounds when you turn on the radio? Today's musicians take pride in revamping and rehashing the same songs and sounds over and over. If Christian music of today doesn't speak to your soul, get ready to experience something altogether different. Lguapogreengo is not just another musician singing about God- his rare style and raw emotion combine to deliver a sound that will rock you to the core.

Looking for new Christian music that is anything but ordinary? You've found it. Click on the ‘Videos' link to see what we're talking about. Preview Lguapogreengo's Gold For the Soul to discover a totally new sound in Christian acoustical blues- one that will leave you with your heart on your sleeve, ready for a second dose. Worship with Lguapogreengo through the ministry of his music and discover why San Diego considers him the best new Christian music performer in the area.

You can book Lguapogreengo for your upcoming wedding, private party, or special occasion in or around San Diego and enjoy his incredible music for the rate of $1.00 per minute. He highly recommends that you download a couple of his tracks from the online CD Baby before you make the final decision to book him so you can get an idea of his style.

New Christian music never sounded so good. Listen to a sample of Rocks and Trees and be prepared to be moved in the same way you used to be when you listened to worship music. Lguapogreengo calls this song "straight roots powerful music that touches the core of your being". We're inclined to believe him.

Looking for a heart-felt expression of thankfulness that will inspire you to pray in a totally new way? You're going to want to hear Attitude of Gratitude, a sing described by Lguapogreengo as "how I worship and ask for wisdom; with an attitude of gratitude". This acoustical rock song is truly hauntingly beautiful and will stay with you to continue its work on your heart long after it has ended.

Enjoy a track sample of Attitude of Gratitude by clicking on the ‘Purchase Music' link or make it your own to add to your music library for just $1.99. This is a terrific song to return to in times when life leaves you feeling less than blessed and you just need a reason to again thank God for all He has done in your life.

New Christian music doesn't always leave you with that emotional lift you're looking for when you turn on a Christian music station. If the contemporary sound of Christian music is not meeting the needs of your soul, we invite you to check out Lguapogreengo, whose sounds and lyrics will penetrate your every fiber and bring you back to the cross where you'll find your joy has always been waiting. Walk your spiritual journey a while with Lguapogreengo and rediscover the raw emotion of worship music- with a contemporary twist.

New Christian Music Youtube

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