Remove Worn Track Spikes

Remove Worn Track Spikes

While athletic shoe spikes are typically easy to remove, from time to time you may encounter one or more spikes that have experienced excessive wear or were overlooked in a routine change. When spikes become worn or stripped from repeated changes, removing them can become burdensome and time-consuming. There's a simple way to remove worn track spikes; Needle Eye Spikes and their unique spike tool make spike changes a breeze- even if they've become worn or neglected. Our steel replacement spikes have a custom design that eliminates previous issues.

3 Ways to Remove Worn or Stripped Spikes

1. Purchase a can of silicone lubricant and spray the targeted spike's perimeter. Give the lubricant a few minutes to work and invert the shoe for about 5 minutes. Using the side of a wrench, tap the side of the exposed spike to attempt to loosen it. Once you notice some movement from the spike, grip as much of the spike as possible with a pair of needle-nose pliers and slowly turn in a counter-clockwise motion, using a gentle pulling action.

If you're desperate to remove a spike, the replacement spike wrenches and pliers trick is a sure-fire way to get even the most stubborn spike to cooperate. For future spike insertion and removal, try Needle Eye Spikes with their unique hole and removal tool that fits into the hole for an easy twist-on and twist-off method.

2. Some track & field athletes keep Vise Grip tools in their bag for spikes that don't respond to needle nose pliers. Vise Grips can give you a better grip on replacement track spikes, but they still don't resolve the problem of having to carry around heavy and cumbersome tools to remove spikes.

If you're currently having problems with spike removal and are tired of packing or borrowing tools from other athletes, Needle Eye Spikes are the ideal solution since they can be removed in seconds, no matter how deeply they're embedded or how stripped they've become. Simply insert the patented Needle Eye tool into the spike and twist- it's that easy.

3. As a last resort, when hand tools won't loosen spikes, you can always count on an expert to get the job done; however, you'll find that the cost of spike removal adds up over time. If you've ever had to bring your shoes into a running shoe shop to have spikes removed by a professional, you can certainly appreciate the value of owning your own fail-safe tool.

A bag of track spikes from Needle Eye Spikes is affordable; in fact, our spikes are comparably priced to align with other brand names. We believe we manufacture the best track spikes on the market today, a product that is both cost-effective and easy to use.

Remove Worn Track Spikes With Ease

Purchase Needle Eye Spikes and experience the difference for yourself- we're confident that you'll love our spikes so much you'll soon be telling your friends how they can find the best track spikes on the market from our website.

Remove Worn Track Spikes

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