Sustainable Cloth Pads

Sustainable Cloth Pads

Since you're here, I kind of have the feeling that you're already a sustainability icon or something of the aspirational nature. You've got the reusable totes, you don't mess with plastic produce bags, you know what stuff to put in the recycling bin, GASP maybe you even compost?? OR! Maybe you're new to this sustainability stuff and I'm like, initiating you. (Emoji with cool sunglasses).

What if I told you there was a way to make your period product habits more sustainable? Well Moody V's got sustainable cloth pads. These cloth menstrual pads can be washed and reused for years. I've had mine for about 4 years now, and they are still going hardcore! I feel really good about producing so much less waste during my period. I wouldn't be able to count on 100 people's hands how many disposable products my own stash of cloth pads have kept out of landfills. Pretty cool, right?

So what do I mean by that? Sustainable cloth pads? I mean they are not single use or synthetic. The plastics that are used in the composition and production of disposable menstrual products really pile up to disturbing amounts in landfills and sprinkled all over the planet. Moody V offers 100% cotton pads and pads that contain a layer of polyurethane laminate (also known as PUL fabric). The 100% cotton pads are biodegradable, since they're made of organic materials. The pads made with PUL are also made with mostly cotton, but that PUL is not biodegradable. I agree, that sucks. But you're gonna keep it around for so much longer than a disposable, it will really make a significant reduction in your nonbiodegradable waste every month.

If you're ready to tell those disposable pads, "stay away from me and my son" check out Moody V's washable, reusable, sustainable cloth pads. I promise, once you try a cotton cloth pad, you'll realize that you really don't have to put up with uncomfortable, sweaty, smelly, sticky disposables.

Sustainable Cloth Pads

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