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Dog Themed Greeting Cards

Birthday Cards for Dog Lovers

At Ellie Bellie, we understand the unique joy that dogs bring into our lives. That's why our collection includes a range of birthday cards specially designed for dog lovers. From playful puppies to wise old dogs, our cards capture the essence of joy and companionship that these furry friends offer.

Thank You Cards with Dog Designs

Express your gratitude with a little help from our four-legged friends. Our thank you cards featuring adorable dog designs are perfect for conveying your heartfelt thanks in a way that stands out. Each card is imbued with the playful spirit and charm that only a dog can provide.

Get Well Soon Cards with Cute Dogs

Nothing says "get well soon" quite like the innocent eyes of a dog. Our get well soon cards are adorned with images of cute dogs that are sure to bring a smile to anyone's face, making their recovery a little brighter and filled with warmth.

Sympathy Cards for Pet Loss

We understand how hard it is to say goodbye to a beloved pet. Our range of sympathy cards for pet loss offers a tender and empathetic way to express your condolences, featuring soothing designs that reflect the love and memories shared with a furry companion.

Funny Dog-Themed Cards

For those moments when only a good laugh will do, our funny dog-themed cards are the perfect choice. Whether it's for a birthday, an anniversary, or just because, our humorous cards capture the quirky and mischievous side of our canine friends.

Holiday Cards Featuring Dogs

Celebrate the holidays with a touch of whimsy thanks to our dog-themed holiday cards. From Christmas to Easter, and every occasion in between, our cards bring festive cheer with a dash of canine charm.

Cards for Dog Rescuers and Volunteers

A special shoutout to the heroes who dedicate their lives to saving animals. Our special range of cards for dog rescuers and volunteers is designed to honor and thank these remarkable individuals for their selfless love and compassion.

Customizable Dog Greeting Cards

Make it personal with our customizable dog greeting cards. Choose from a variety of designs and add your own message to create a card that’s as unique as your furry friend. It's a perfect way to add a personal touch to any occasion.

Cards with Specific Dog Breeds

From Dachshunds to Great Danes, our collection features cards that highlight specific dog breeds. Whether you're a fan of graceful greyhounds or prefer the company of a cheerful chihuahua, we have a card that celebrates the distinct charm of your favorite breed.

Cards for Dog Birthday Parties

Don't forget the guest of honor! Our dog birthday party cards are perfect for celebrating your pooch's special day. With joyful designs and playful messages, these cards are sure to make any dog's tail wag with happiness.

At Ellie Bellie, we're passionate about spreading joy and laughter through our delightful illustrations. Our dog-themed greeting cards are more than just paper; they're a way to share love, express gratitude, and make memories. Visit our website or find our collection in stores to discover the perfect card for every occasion. Let's bring a little more wag into the world, one card at a time.

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The A2 size note cards are sold as single cards contained in cellophane sleeves and multi-card packages with six cards and envelopes per package. The multi-card packs are housed in a clear plastic box with a hemp string closure and decorative plastic bone. They display horizontally. They are printed on luxurious felt finish card stock with envelopes to match.

For information on pricing, packaging and display options please contact us.

All the Best!