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Funny Dog Card

Birthday Greetings

Nothing says "Happy Birthday" better than a dose of laughter, especially when it involves a four-legged friend. Our funny dog cards are tailored to bring a unique blend of birthday wishes filled with humor. Picture a dog with a party hat, a cake that looks suspiciously nibbled on, coupled with a message that captures the essence of birthday fun. It's about creating memorable moments that spark joy.

Birthday Humor

With each card, we aim to encapsulate the sheer bliss and silliness that our furry companions bring into our lives. Whether it's for a friend, family member, or that special someone who shares an immense love for dogs, these cards serve as a reminder of the joy and laughter pets bring us every day.

Expressions of Gratitude

In a world where thank you can be said in so many ways, why not let a dog do the talking? Our thank you cards capture expressions of appreciation, gratitude, and heartfelt thanks, all through the playful antics of dogs. It's a fun, yet endearing way to show your gratitude.


From a whimsical drawing of a dog holding a thank you sign in its mouth to a more heartfelt scene of a pup giving a comforting cuddle, our range ensures you can find just the right tone and message to convey your thanks.

Celebratory Wishes

Celebrations are a time of joy, achievement, and sometimes, a little bit of humor. Whether it's congratulating someone on a new job, a graduation, or any significant milestone, our funny dog cards add an element of cheer and light-heartedness to the occasion.

Good Job
  • Cheerful canines sporting graduation caps
  • Dogs doing a 'high paw' for a job well done
  • Playful pups celebrating with their own version of a trophy

Wellness Wishes

Recovery can be a tough journey, but a little bit of humor goes a long way in making someone feel better. Our get well soon cards feature adorable dogs in various states of rest and play, reminding the recipient to take it easy and that better days are ahead.


Imagine a card with a dog lounging in a hammock with the words, "Feel better soon... the cat's been too quiet without you." It's about bringing a smile, even on the not-so-good days.

Seasonal Greetings

From the joyful spirits of Christmas and Easter to the spooky vibes of Halloween, our funny dog cards are designed to celebrate every season with a bark and a wag. Each card is a festive portrayal of dogs getting into the seasonal spirit, whether they're dressed up in costumes or helping to unwrap presents.

  • Dogs wearing Santa hats and tangled in Christmas lights
  • Playful pups searching for Easter eggs
  • Canines dressed up for Halloween adventures

Love and Sympathy

For moments that need a tender touch or a heartfelt message, our cards convey love and sympathy through the comfort and companionship dogs provide. Whether it's expressing love on Valentine’s Day, celebrating an anniversary, or offering condolences, our cards capture the warmth and solace our furry friends offer.


A dog holding a heart-shaped cushion in its mouth can say "I love you" in the most endearing way imaginable. It’s about connecting hearts through the universal love for dogs.

Just Because

Sometimes, there doesn’t need to be a special occasion to reach out to someone. Our "just because" cards are perfect for those moments when you just want to say hello, share a laugh, or let someone know they're in your thoughts. It's about spreading joy, laughter, and the unparalleled bond we share with dogs, any day of the week.


Ellie Bellie believes in the power of friendship, joy, and the occasional tail wag in brightening someone's day. Our cards are a testament to those spontaneous moments of kindness and smiles, brought to life through whimsical and heartwarming illustrations by Ellen Fairfield LoGuidice. Whether it's to celebrate, to thank, to wish well, or simply to say, "I'm thinking of you," our funny dog cards are here to help you express your sentiments in the most genuine and delightful way.

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The A2 size note cards are sold as single cards contained in cellophane sleeves and multi-card packages with six cards and envelopes per package. The multi-card packs are housed in a clear plastic box with a hemp string closure and decorative plastic bone. They display horizontally. They are printed on luxurious felt finish card stock with envelopes to match.

For information on pricing, packaging and display options please contact us.

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